About Us

The Greenville Figure Skating Club is a thirty year old member of  United States Figure Skating and currently has about 75 members.  GFSC exists to promote the mastery of figure skating and to support skaters in educational and competitive endeavors, and welcomes skaters of all levels.

Greenville FSC is a nonprofit corporation with federal 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status. The GFSC Board meets on the first Tuesday (usually) of every month and the club hosts ice several times a year. At least one exhibition is held each year on club ice, the Regionals Exhibition in the fall for skaters going to the South Atlantics Regionals Competition. GFSC hosts an annual Awards Banquet and various other social functions. The club also seeks to support skaters by providing educational opportunities like training seminars as resources permit. Membership applications and Test applications are available from the Membership Chair, Kim Cowgill (kcowgill@bellsouth.net) and can be downloaded and printed from the Club website.

Club ice sessions are supervised by adult volunteers. These sessions are free skating opens, subject to basic safety rules. Skating on club ice is a privilege of full members in good standing. Every GFSC member may host a guest on club ice twice a year, and a non-member may be a guest twice. The guest fee is $5 and should be paid to the supervising adult. Members are responsible for their guests. Provisional skating members (applicants for membership who have submitted an application and application fee) may skate free between the time of their application and the Board’s decision on their membership. In the interest of safety, GFSC asks that full-skating members be Free Skate 1 and higher. GFSC reserves the right to deny guest privileges, based on a skater’s ability.

Sponsoring USFS test sessions held at the Pavilion two times a year is one of the most important functions of the Club. Arranging these sessions is a stressful, complicated, and demanding job. The Test Chair needs to know exactly who is testing what by deadlines that allow enough time for judges with the appropriate credentials–and the necessary number of judges–to be secured. Club members should read the test applications carefully, realizing that once they commit to testing by the deadline, they are responsible for the test fees which should cover the costs of the test session: ice rental, hospitality, and judges’ expenses.

GFSC is proud to have been able to support financially skaters who have qualified for Sectionals (the competition at which skaters can qualify for Nationals) and culminating competitions like Junior Nationals and Qualifying Adult Nationals. GFSC encourages participation in many competitions. The USFSA requires that club officers sign each competition application after checking that the skater has passed the appropriate tests to compete in the designated events and is in good standing financially in the club.

Running the Club takes work from many volunteers. A volunteer committee checklist is included in the membership packet. If Greenville FSC is your home club, please check off the area(s) in which you would be willing to help.

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